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About Us

About Us

About Us

Why Fit In When You Can Stand Out?

Hello! We’re Rivet & Sway—a merry band of entrepreneurs, orchestrators, designers, wordslingers, coders and conversation-starters.

So why eyewear? Why now?

Well, Mark Twain once said that he could teach anyone how to get what they want out of life. The problem was that he could never find anyone who knew what they wanted.

We know what we want—for women to feel more beautiful in their glasses. From the inside out.

Good timing, because eyewear is having a moment. Eyewear is fun. Eyewear is beautiful. Eyewear is super sexy. But when we looked around, we felt that women got the short stick when it came to eyewear selection. So we set out the change that with a collection exclusively created for women and an experience to rival the ease and convenience of shopping for shoes or handbags.

Our goal is to take women from liking to LOVING their relationship with glasses and how they shop for them. So here’s to the fun of being bespectacled, and we’re delighted that you’re here to experience the joy of specs.

About the Name:

Let’s start with “rivet.” Glasses have rivets. They’re fasteners—tough, durable pieces that connect two parts. Plus, rivet is a commanding verb that says, “I dare you to look away.”

As for the other half, “sway” moves side to side with an easy swagger. A lady with sway most certainly uses style to her advantage. She’s a mover and shaker who wields her power to make things happen and be who she wants to be.

There are many ways to move through life. Why not Rivet & Sway?

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