Meet Zephyr Paquette

Zephyr Paquette head shot


We recently caught up with Zephyr Paquette and talked credo, inspired bites and all things vision. Enjoy!


Armed with pure and delicious intentions, ridiculous talent and many supporters, Zephyr has dared to go where most deemed impossible — she opened a 50-seat restaurant without taking on a single loan. Set beneath a sky painted ceiling, complete with daydreamy clouds, Skelly and the Bean is an urban space with a charming look, and a cozy farm feel. All Skelly décor was either donated or thrifted, and during the building process Zephyr implemented an open door policy that inspired daily acts of kindness, and serious community involvement. Table and chair sets were dropped off by enthusiastic neighbors, entire walls painted by passers by, and whatever Skelly needed —flooring, light fixtures, enough funding to open it’s doors — Skelly received from hundreds of helping hands. It’s no wonder that according to Zephyr, something amazing happens here everyday.


Q&A: My Specs

When did you first know? Oh my gosh. I was in 5th grade and Mrs. Klunger called me a cop-out because I couldn’t read the board. I was reading at home a lot, but what I read was just a lot closer.


What was your first pair? I was in 5th grade. They were pink and purple swirlies, and then I had the big red Sally Jessy Raphael style. I also wore the perfectly round Lennon frames. They’ve all been pretty funky. I try to be as funky as possible with my frames.


What is your accessory must? Growing up I couldn’t wear a lot of jewelry. I couldn’t wear metal or earrings because I am a sensitivo. I never liked bracelets — they always felt like shackles.


Glasses were really the only thing that I had. I would use the frames as my accessory to accent my wardrobe.

When do you wear glasses? I always wear glasses. They have become a part of me. People don’t recognize me when I don’t have them on.


Do you have an eyeglass icon? When I was younger it was Elton John because he got away with stuff, but I don’t really pay attention to it now. I think it’s because I’m trying to develop my own style.


Necessary extravagance: I don’t like to spend money because I don’t have it. My glasses are probably the biggest thing that I spend any money on. I used to do my own hair, but now I go and get my hair done, and it’s gotta be a little crazy.


Have you ever made a strange glasses request? I need the tough stuff. I’ve got five to six hundred degree ovens that are going to blast in my face. I need my frames to be strong. I don’t wear my fancy chromey frames in here, but I wear ‘em every chance I get on date nights.


Any advice for people looking to get a pair? Don’t be afraid of letting somebody else give you advice about what’s going to look good. We have to look at ourselves all the time, and we look at a different mirror than everyone else looks at. We’ve spent our entire life with this face, and it doesn’t hurt to let someone else with a new set of eyes tell you what’s going to look good.


Zephyr is wearing Spitfire frames in Cherry Bomb. Photograph by Barbara Kinney.


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