Secrets From Our Stylist: Opposites Attract

Round and angular face shapes


Find the yin to your yang in your next pair of frames

Chinese philosophy refers to it as yin and yang, it’s one secret to exceptional cooking, and it just may be the inexplicable force that drew you to your love.


It’s the principle of Opposites Attract — two opposing forces coming together to create something more extraordinary than each separate part — and it’s powerful, think salted chocolate chip cookie powerful.


So powerful that I recommend applying this principal the next time you’re shopping for eyewear.
As the resident personal stylist at Rivet & Sway I’m constantly looking for simple tricks to make shopping online for frames easier and more fun. Opposites Attract definitely fits the bill.


Don’t Put Me in a Box!

When shopping online for frames, you can find a slew of information about face shapes and usually “finding your face shape” is touted as the most helpful tool for finding your perfect frames.


The challenge is that most of us just don’t fit into exact face shape categories. We’re hybrids, so trying to decide if you’re an oval or a heart can be a really frustrating and confusing exercise. You’re probably elements of both.


What’s more, what I’ve learned from my post as eyewear Matchmaker in Chief is that knowing your face shape is not the missing link to helping you find your perfect frame. In fact, putting yourself in the wrong face shape box can lead you astray and send you towards styles that are the opposite of what you need.


What Defines You?

Look in the mirror and honestly assess if your defining features are more angular (sharper) or round (softer). Neither one is better or worse and both come with their own alluring charm.
Stunning Emma Stone most definitely has more dominant rounded features, while Keira Knightly is more angular. Both ladies are gorgeous in their own right. The key with assessing which category you fall into is to pay attention to your most dominant features.


If you’re both angular and rounded (which is very common), decide which feature is more dominant — that is the category you fall into.


If you’re still not sure take the my quick cheek test:
If cheek pinches have been in your not so distant past, you’re probably in the rounded and curvy category.


If you’ve ever had someone try to squeeze your cheeks and quickly realize there was just nothing there to pinch and by the way, Ouch! Consider yourself angular.


Now that you know your dominant geometry, here’s the pearl of wisdom—choose frames in a contrasting shape. It’s seriously that easy. Here are some recommendations:


Recommendation for Rounded Face Shape

Go for angular frames (squares and rectangles) that will balance your softer features and provide a pretty contrast.


Recommendation for Angular Face Shape

You can balance and soften more angular (sharper) features with rounded frames.


If your features are already pretty balanced — not dominantly rounded or angular — go crazy! (This is common for many ovals, by the way). Both angular and curvy frames will look stunning on you.

Last but not least, whether you’re yin or yang, salty or sweet, the key to finding your perfect frame (a.k.a. The One) is to have fun. Reinvent often and approach eyewear like the ultimate accessory it is!


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