Sneak Peek: Our New Collection

In August we’ll introduce you to new eyeglass styles and colors inspired by the many roles we play as busy women. We collaborated with the amazing Erin Loechner of Design for Mankind to come up with the frame names and theme for the new collection, and wow, did she ever do us proud.


Pillow Talk

Rivet and Sway pillow talk glasses sneak peek

Rivet and Sway Pillow Talk frames in Rock Candy


Checkpoint glasses from rivet and sway

Checkpoint frames in Absinthe from Rivet and Sway

Plus One

Rivet and Sway sneak peek of the Plus One frames

Plus One glasses in Crystal clear from Rivet and Sway

From Pillow Talk to Plus One and Checkpoint to Ticker Tape, we encourage you to reinvent your look and personality based on how you feel in the moment. All it takes is a simple change of frames.


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