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Let’s talk about roles. If you’re a child of the 80s, you’ll remember the movie The Breakfast Club. This coming-of-age classic is all about labels, and how in high school we’re classified and put in boxes, usually based on how we look or our socioeconomics. The five main characters were labeled as the Princess, the Criminal, the Brain, the Basket Case and the Athlete.


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The big question posed in The Breakfast Club is “Who Are You?” Assistant Principal Vernon asks the five students gathered for Saturday morning detention to each answer this question with a 1,000-word essay. How Molly Ringwald, Judd Nelson, Anthong Michael Hall, Ally Sheedy and Emilio Estevez answered is the stuff of legendary movie endings and musical scores.


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Of course, the point of that movie is that we’re more than our labels. As we move through high school and college, we morph from being labeled to discovering and getting comfortable with the roles that will tell our life story.


My own roles have changed as I’ve had a child and advanced in my career. The weekends find me starring as a caretaker, dog-walker, personal shopper, laundress, gardener, chauffeur, hostess, storyteller in chief, and sometimes, as my daughter says when she doesn’t get her way, a big bad meanie. Weekdays are more about being the breadwinner, negotiator, achiever, teacher, dancer, cheerleader and personal coach.


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As I think about the many roles I play, creative director is one that I relish the most. Every day I get to work with amazing people. It’s not an easy job, especially at a startup, but it’s made worthwhile by the creativity that it affords me, and being connected to a mind-blowingly talented team of feminine righteousness (that’s you Sarah, Kathleen, Emily, Lesley, Ritzy, Adriane, Chelsea, Christine and Charlotte).


My starring weekday role also collides with women such as Erin Loechner of Design for Mankind, who collaborated with us on our new collection launch.


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Role-playing was Erin’s idea. She took my direction to create a theme that taps into sources of female power and swaddled it into something more profound and eloquent. Each new frame was assigned a role and named for an object that gives that role its meaning. Some of these are naughty, some are nice, but all are parts of who we are as busy women making our way in the world. Read more about Erin’s perspective on the collaboration here and here.


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Then Erin took it a step further by styling and photographing (along with her husband, Ken Loechner) our frames with a few of the objects that support these roles. Personally, I love the pink ribbon in the Ticker Tape (yes, we are awesome, ladies), the mood-enhancing tea lights from Pillow Talk and the keys that unlock a glamorous adventure in Checkpoint.


My hope is that through this new collection and our collaboration with Erin, you’ll think about the roles you play and how, thank goodness, we’re beyond labels. And whenever we’re bored by some of these roles, we can change the story. Perhaps it’s as simple as a new pair of frames.


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