Away We Go

Rivet and Sway Specs on Wheels travelling pop up shop

First we dabbled in events. Then came our retail showroom. Now we’re expanding to three wheels.


Faster than a unicycle, more powerful than a bicycle, able to leap other pop up shops in a single bound. It’s Specs on Wheels!


Where will this tri-wheeled spectacle touch down? Think of the place you turn when you’re in need of a tune up. To the people who take one look at you and say, “Oh honey, lemme take care of that for you.” To where coloring and cutting and waxing and curling and plucking are all good things that make you look and, more importantly, FEEL better.


Don’t you think this post-service, “I look so good right now that I just might singe something” state-of-mind is precisely the moment in time when you should slip on a new pair of frames and complete your transformation? Our thoughts exactly.


For the next couple of months the Rivet & Sway tricycle will be parked in Seattle at Caruh Salon & Spa. We’ll also have a personal stylist in the salon five days a week to help you find the perfect pair of frames.


We’re very grateful that salon owner Cyndi DeSoto and her phenomenal team at Caruh came into our lives. They welcomed us into their gorgeous space, and accommodated what on paper sounds kinda crazy (“A tricycle…with glasses?!?”). You’re gonna love these ladies!


Rivet & Sway @ Caruh
6417 Roosevelt Way NE
Suite 204
Seattle WA, 98115


Google map


Stylist Hours
Madeline or Claudia from our team will be available during these times to offer personal assistance.


Wed 3-9pm
Thurs 3-9pm
Fri 12-6pm
Sat 10am-4pm
Sun 10am-4pm


Bring your current glasses prescription (within the last 2 years) and buy your new pair right then and there. Wheeee!


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