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Select a Frame by Color

You know that one color you get complimented on, every time you wear it? Finding the right color frames can bring on a similar effect. Here are some tips for choosing frame colors that will complement your personal palette, and help bring out your best.

1: Skin Tone

Skin tone is the prime element to determine coloring.
To find out if you’re a warm or cool check out our handy chart:

If you don't see a skin tone that matches yours exactly you might be a combination of warm and cool. Choose which coloring is closest to yours and then dabble with color.

2: Hair Color

Choose frame colors that contrast or complement your hair color. And play up your highlights if you’ve got ‘em.

3: Eye Color

This one’s easy. Look for frames that have a bit of your eye color running through them. Even just a glint of your iris color in the frame — a dash of blue, or a green interior — will be complimentary and make your eye color pop.

4: Other Considerations: Personal Style

What’s your power color? Do you wear neutrals or are you all about going bold? Eyewear is the ultimate accessory, and the frame colors you choose will instantly transform your look.

Angie Cox: Photography by Greg Cox.


Make sure to choose colors that will integrate well with your style, like a handbag or pair of shoes. The colors should not necessarily be matchy-matchy but be coordinated. And, as with all accessories, don’t limit yourself to just one pair!


Think about the primary colors in your wardrobe and look for frame colors and styles that will complement your overall look.


Stay current. In the same way that your favorite jeans do wonders for your butt, the right frames can work similar magic for your face and eyes. Beware outdated eyewear — it can produce the frump-effect.

Aha Moment

Unlike jeans shopping, trying on eyewear is muffin-top-free, and will never make you feel fat.

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