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The Golden Guidelines of selecting the right frames for you

Golden Guidelines

While it isn’t as painful as bathing suit shopping, finding the perfect frame for your face can be a daunting task. Everyone has an opinion, but how do you really know if a frame works well with your features? Our seven guidelines can help you find the perfect frame.

Consider these tips while you try on frames.

1. Get Centered

Are your eyes centered within the frames?

2. Let Your Brows Lead

Does the frame shape follow the arch of your eyebrows?

3. Surf the Color Wheel

Does the frame color complement your skin tone, hair and eye color?

4. Up-Lift

Do your frames lift your cheek and eye area? Avoid any style that appears to droop or sag downward.

5. Find Your Balance

How’s the color contrast? Does it reflect the look you’re going for? Too much contrast with your skin tone can create a look that’s too severe. Not enough, and you might not get the pop you’re looking for.

6. Know Thyself

Does the frame thickness match your facial structure? Remember, bold frames can overwhelm delicate features, while thin frames can disappear on a bold face.

7. Be Flexible

Does the frame support your personal style? Could the frame take you from day to night, from the office to the ballet?
Finally… follow your gut. The truth is, when you know, you know. Block out the noise, silence the second opinions, and go with the frames that make you feel most you.
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